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Function Reference
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BeginClipPath (Obsolete)
SI32 pdfBeginClipPath(
const PPDF* IPDF) // Instance pointer
It is not longer required to call this function before a clipping path can be created. The function is
included in DynaPDF for compatibility reasons only. Do not longer use it, it executes nothing. See
also ClipPath(), Path Construction and Painting.
SI32 pdfBeginContinueText(
const PPDF* IPDF, // Instance pointer
double PosX,
// X-Coordinate of the first text line
double PosY)
// Y-Coordinate of the first text line
This function prepares the output of multiple text lines with AddContinueText(). The distance
between two text lines can be adjusted with SetLeading(). If no leading was defined it will be set to
the font size. Note that the function changes the leading of the graphics state if it was not defined
beforehand. Subsequent calls use then the leading that was set in a prior call. If the font or font size
will be changed it is strongly recommended to set the leading to a correct value. The default leading
is the font size. The leading, font, character spacing, word spacing, text scaling, or the text color can
be changed before calling AddContinueText() the next time.
The point PosX, PosY defines the baseline of the first text line if the coordinate system is bottom-up,
otherwise the top-left corner of the text's bounding box. The origin can be changed with the function
If the font uses horizontal writing mode the text cursor moves from top to bottom. In vertical
writing mode the text cursor moves from left to right.
A font must be set before this function can be used (see also SetFont(), or SetCIDFont()).
In DynaPDF versions prior 2.0 it was required to finish the text block with EndContinueText().
Because the function uses now internally WriteText() to output the text, it is no longer required to
finish the text block with this function. EndContinueText() does nothing in DynaPDF 2.0 or higher.
Return values:
If the function succeeds the return value is 1. If the function fails the return value is 0.
Example (Delphi):
uses dynapdf;
// First we declare an error callback function

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