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Function Reference
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void pdfSetGStateFlags(
const PPDF* IPDF,
// Instance pointer
TGStateFlags Flags, // See description
LBOOL Reset)
// See below
typedef UI32 TGStateFlags;
#define gfCompatible
0x00000000 // Default
#define gfRestorePageCoords
0x00000001 // see below
#define gfRealTopDownCoords
0x00000002 // see below
#define gfNativeBlackWhite
0x00000004 // Do not convert RGB b/w to gray
#define gfUseImageColorSpace
0x00000008 // Use the image color space
#define gfIgnoreICCProfiles
0x00000010 // see description below
#define gfAnsiStringIsUTF8
0x00000020 // Ansi strings are UTF-8 encoded
#define gfRealPassThrough
0x00000040 // Insert JPEG images unchanged
#define gfNoBitmapAlpha
0x00000080 // Ignore the alpha channel in bitmaps
#define gfNoImageDuplCheck
0x00000100 // Disables duplicate check for images
#define gfNoObjCompression
0x00000200 // Disables object compression
#define gfComplexText
0x00000400 // If set, text is processed with Uniscribe on Windows.
#define gfDisableJavascript
0x00000800 // Ignore OnFormat scripts of text fields
#define gfDisableBidiCtrls
0x00001000 // Disable bidi control characters
#define gfDoNotComprMetadata
0x00002000 // Disable compression for metadata streams.
#define gfUpdatePDFVTModDate
0x00004000 // If set, the key GTS_PDFVTModDate will be set to the
// file's modification date.
#define gfSkaleAnnotIcons
0x00008000 // If set, icons of text and file attach annotation are
// scaled with the page like every other annotation.
The function sets optional flags affecting the graphics state, coordinate handling, as well as color
and image conversion rules. If the parameter Reset is true, the new flags replace current flags. If set
to false, the flags are combined with the current flags.
The graphics state is fully compatible to earlier versions of
If set, the current base coordinate system like bottom or top down is
saved and restored with the graphics state.
This flag is reserved for future extensions. It is not implemented
If set, RGB black or white is not converted to DeviceGray. This flag
affects text and vector graphics but no images.
If set, the active color space is ignored when inserting an image. The
color space is taken from the image file instead. See also "Color
spaces and Images".

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