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Function Reference
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Return values:
If the function succeeds the return value is 1. If the function fails the return value is 0.
UI32 pdfGetMetaConvFlags(
const PPDF* IPDF) // Instance pointer
typedef UI32 TMetaFlags;
#define mfDefault
0x00000 // No flags
#define mfDebug
0x00001 // Insert debug comments
#define mfShowBounds
0x00002 // Show the bounding boxes of text
#define mfNoTextScaling
0x00004 // Do not scale text records
#define mfClipView
0x00008 // Clip the output rectangle
#define mfUseRclBounds
0x00010 // Use the raw bounding box rclBounds
#define mfNoClippingRgn
0x00040 // Ignore clipping regions
#define mfNoFontEmbedding 0x00080 // Don't embed fonts used by the EMF
#define mfNoImages
0x00100 // Ignore image records
#define mfNoStdPatterns
0x00200 // Ignore standard hatch patterns
#define mfNoBmpPatterns
0x00400 // Ignore bitmap patterns
#define mfNoText
0x00800 // Ignore text records
#define mfUseUnicode
0x01000 // Use always Unicode to print text
#define mfUseTextScaling
0x04000 // Scale text (see description)
#define mfNoUnicode
0x08000 // Avoid the usage of Unicode fonts
#define mfFullScale
0x10000 // Scale coordinates to Windows size
#define mfUseRclFrame
0x20000 // See description
#define mfDefBkModeTransp 0x40000 // Initial backg. mode is transparent
#define mfApplyBidiAlgo
0x80000 // Apply the bidirectional algorithm
// Obsolete flags -> These flags are ignored, do not longer use them!
#define mfUseSpacingArray
0x0020 // Enabled by default
#define mfIntersectClipRect 0x2000 // Enabled by default
The function returns the conversion flags used to convert enhanced metafiles to PDF. The return
value is a bit-mask. Use a bitwise and operator to determine whether a specific flag is set. The
conversion flags are described in detail under SetMetaConvFlags().
LBOOL pdfGetMetadata(
const PPDF* IPDF,
// Instance pointer
TMetadataObj ObjType, // see below
SI32 Handle,
// Object handle or -1 for the catalog object
BYTE** Buffer,
// Address of a BYTE* pointer
UI32* BufSize)
// Address of an unsigned integer variable
typedef enum
mdoCatalog, // The global XMP stream of the document (no handle needed)
// Parameter Handle must be a font handle
// Parameter Handle must be an image handle
// Parameter Handle must be a page number
mdoTemplate // Parameter Handle must be a template handle

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