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Function Reference
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struct TLineAnnotParms
UI32 StructSize;
// Must be set to sizeof(TLineAnnotParms)
LBOOL Caption;
// See description
float CaptionOffsetX;
// Horizontal offset of the caption
float CaptionOffsetY;
// Vertical offset of the caption
TLineCaptionPos CaptionPos; // See enum TLineCaptionPos
float LeaderLineLen;
// Length of the leader lines
float LeaderLineExtend; // Leader line extend (must be positive or 0)
float LeaderLineOffset; // Amount of space between the endpoints of the
// annotation and the leader lines (must be a
// positive value or zero)
The function sets or changes the properties of a line annotation relating to measure lines. The
parameter Parms can be set to NULL to delete all measure line specific values. The parameters
FontHandle and FontSize will be ignored in this case.
The member Caption specifies whether the parameter Content of the function LineAnnot() should be
used as caption of the measure line. Although a measure line can display the string in a PopUp
annotation like ordinary line annotations, this is not recommended and not fully supported in
Adobe's Acrobat or Reader.
If Caption is true (recommended), the caption is drawn horizontally centered either on top or inside
the measure line. The text position can be changed from its normal position with the members
CaptionOffsetX and CaptionOffsetY.
The parameter FontHandle can be used to specify an arbitrary font that should be used to draw the
caption. Although it is possible to use any font or font size greater 0 with DynaPDF, a PDF viewer
will change the font and font size to it's default values when the annotation will be edited since line
annotations support no property to specify the font or font size.
The default font to draw the caption is Helvetica and the default font size is 9 units. In order to use
the default font set the parameter FontHandle to -1. The default font size is used if the parameter
FontSize is set to to zero.
Return values:
If the function succeeds the return value is 1. If the function fails the return value is 0.

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