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If set, DynaPDF uses a GDI device context to select fonts. This flag can
be set to make sure that DynaPDF selects exactly the fonts which the
GDI uses to render to EMF file.
If set, the rclBounds and rclFrame rectangles are used as is to calculate the
picture size.
DynaPDF tries to identify invalid bounding boxes by default so that EMF
files with invalid bounding boxes can be converted. The EMF converter uses
the rclBounds rectangle to calculate the picture size if the resolution of the
EMF file seems to be larger as 1800 DPI which is quite unusual.
This is mostly an indication that the rclFrame rectangle was incorrectly
calculated since EMF files are typcially created in a much lower resolution.
If you need to process such high resolution EMF files then disable the
bounding box check.
If set, bitmap patterns are ignored.
If set, clipping regions will be ignored.
If set, fonts used by an EMF file are not embedded.
If set, image records are ignored.
If set, standard hatch patterns are not applied.
If set, text records are ignored.
If set, text strings are not scaled and no kerning space will be applied.
EMF files contain sometimes an invalid spacing array especially when
the original string was substituted from an Arabic code page. In such
cases, characters do overlap. To avoid this effect disable the usage of
the intercharacter spacing array; all strings are then printed without
scaling or kerning space.
If set, all strings are converted to the code page 1252 and no Unicode
font will be embedded in the PDF file during EMF conversion. This
flag should be set if PDF-1.2 compatibility is recommended because
PDF-1.2 does not support Unicode fonts. However, note that you get
invalid results if the EMF file contains characters outside the code
page 1252.
If set, and if the rclBounds rectangle is larger than rclFrame,
InsertMetafile() extends the output rectangle according to rclBounds
and uses the resulting bounding box to calculate the image size
(rclBounds represents the unscaled image size).
This is probably the correct way to calculate the image size. However,

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