Changes for Combine PDFs

Changes in version 5.6.1:

  • Fixed receipt file check for macOS Monterey when using license from App Store.

Changes in version 5.6:

  • Added Apple Silicon support.
  • Improved french translation. Thanks Jean-Luc Evrard.
  • Bug fixes.

Changes in version 5.5:

  • Version for Mac App Store.

Changes in version 5.4:

  • Notarized.
  • Requires MacOS 10.10 or newer.
  • Upgraded to Xojo 2019r1 for dark mode support.

Changes in version 5.3:

  • Fixed preview window setting, so it's saved and honored on next app start.
  • Added swedish translation.
  • Can use app store license in shareware version.
  • Added retina support and now a Cocoa application.
  • Added preference option to enable copying of annotations.
  • Requires MacOS 10.9 or newer.
  • Upgraded to 64-bit.

Changes in version 5.2:

  • You can now duplicate pages in the list.

Changes in version 5.1:

  • Pages can be marked to have no page number.
  • Added French translation.
  • Added Italian translation.
  • Fixed page counting error.
  • Fixed a bug with creating PDF files.
  • Remembers now if the preview window was open the last time.
  • Remembers metadata if activated in preferences.
  • Now again we have a little Merge button below the list on the bottom right edge.
  • Additional variables in text overlays for more metadata values.
  • You can now select the font for the text overlays.

Changes in version 5.0:

  • Added buttons and text window to enter text with using variables and text styles.
  • Added menu command to add a title page.
  • Added new icon.
  • You can now enter Metadata and Password using menu commands.
  • Added Preview window so the main window is smaller.
  • Added fullscreen preview. Press space to enable. User cursor keys to move between pages and esc or space to leave fullscreen preview.
  • Shows left in the list the new page numbers.
  • Moved QuartzFilter option into menu.
  • Moved post processing options into menu.
  • Added QuartzFilter Panel to edit filters.
  • Added Clear All and Clear List buttons.
  • Added Buttons for Check All/None/Selected
  • Moved Combine/Split Buttons to menubar.
  • Allows to select pages from the PDF and combine/split the selected pages only instead of all.
  • If you drag and drop files over the list, you can release them where you want to have them.

Changes in version 4.4:

  • Added Preferences Window to set whether PDF files should open with Acrobat Reader or Preview.
  • Several bugs fixed.
  • Main window layouted different to fit better on smaller screens.

Changes in version 4.3:

  • Added German and French localization.
  • Improved memory usage so you can combine more/bigger files now.
  • Added menu command to reorder pages for duplex 2 on 1 page book printing.
  • Added BugReporter so you can easilier report problems.
  • Added menu command to remove blank pages. Works for all PDF pages which are complete white.
  • The preview clears now properly if you remove the displayed page.

Changes in version 4.2:

  • Improved speed for processing. Should be around 30% faster now.

Changes in version 4.1:

  • Fixed a bug with sorting.
  • Added 128-bit Encryption (PDF 1.5). (Requires Mac OS X 10.5)
  • Added welcome dialog for the first launch or any launch with shift key pressed.
  • Fixed a crash on Mac OS X 10.3.9.

Changes in version 4.0:

  • Added QuartzFilter menu.
  • Added new icon.
  • The application is now Shareware. First 1000 PDF pages are free.
  • Added support for creating encrypted PDF files.
  • If you open an encrypted PDF you are asked for a password to unlock it. To combine you need the right to print.
  • For the first PDF file dropped in the window the input fields for metadata are filled with the metadata from that file.
  • Added a Save command to save the current setup.
  • Setup files can be dropped on the application icon or in the main window to load the setup file.
  • Preview window will now use the selected quartz filter so you see what you get.
  • Sorting now works better with additional options.
  • Added the option to add pages interleaved.

Changes in version 3.0:

  • Added menu option to add an empty page. Empty pages can only be added if a page is already there as the size of the selected or the first page is takes for new empty page.
  • Added "Sort pages better" menu entry which will handle the file numbers better. e.g. "test 303" will be sorted after "test 4".
  • Added Donate button which brings you to the website. This application is not shareware as the source code is provided. But still I expect users to honor the work with a donation.
  • The open file dialog shows all files and allows you to select more than just one file.
  • Open file dialog now shows invisible files if you press the option key while the dialog opens.
  • Added Preview button to show a preview of the current selected image or pdf page. With rotation.
  • JPEG and PNG images are no longer recompressed when being added to a PDF file.
  • Now universal binary.
  • Updated to REALbasic 2007r5 and MBS REALbasic Plugins 7.8.

Changes in version 2.1:

  • Fixed a failed assertion some users saw after the application finished work.
  • Added button to add files.
  • Added button to remove a page.

Changes in version 2.0:

  • Shows now a progress dialog while processing items.
  • Folders can be dropped on the application or the main window. All files inside are tried to be loaded as PDF or Picture.
  • Items in list can be deleted using backspace key.
  • Added options to decide whether file is launched after creation or application should beep when finished.
  • Added the option to choose which box to use on the PDFs.
  • Removed buttons and added menu commands.
  • Added rotate options.
  • Added select all.

Changes in version 1.0:

  • First public release.
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