Xojo Developer Conference
25/27th April 2018 in Denver.
MBS Xojo Conference
6/7th September 2018 in Munich, Germany.

MBS Xojo SOAP Kit 2.3

If you want to use Webservices with more than the built in SOAP Classes, you should check this SOAP Kit:




Real Studio 2009 or newer (maybe work with older versions, but not tested). Works with Real Studio and Xojo.


999 € (+VAT if needed) including one day of support to get your WSDL running with our utility.

Free updates included for one year. After that, please order an update/new license or keep your last license.


All source code you generate belongs to you, but for our SOAP utility and our shared code, we keep the copyright and license them on to you.


We can create a test project for your service if you want to ensure the Kit works with your web service.

If you like to get information or you want to order this product, please contact us. See contact page or use our feedback form. Orders can be directly made from our order pages.

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