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The Monkeybread Software Xojo plug-in collection is a big toolbox to help you solving your problems. Thousands of new functions will help you develop better applications.

The Monkeybread Software Xojo plug-ins offer over 60,000 documented functions.

MBS Xojo ChartDirector Plugin
Professional charts for Xojo
MBS Xojo DynaPDF Plugin
Create, import and modify PDF files on Mac, Windows and Linux.
Includes PDF split and merge, fonts embedding and text extraction.
MBS Xojo SQL Plugin
Access SQL Databases
MBS Xojo Complete Plugin
Our collection of more than 35 plug-ins for Xojo.
MBS SQLite Extension
over 30 additional functions for SQLite, Cube SQL Server, SQLiteDatabase and REALSQLDatabase classes.
MBS Xojo Event Kit
Calendars, events and reminders for iOS.
MBS Xojo Network Kit
Bonjour, FTP/HTTP/HTTPS for iOS and OS X.
MBS Xojo AudioPlayer Kit
Audio Player for iOS and OS X, Midi playback for OS X
MBS Xojo UDP Socket Kit
UDP Socket for iOS
MBS Xojo AddressBook Kit
Address Book access for iOS.
MBS Xojo Encryption Kit
Encryption and Compression with Database Connector for iOS.
MBS Xojo Web Starter Kit
Our foundation for new Web Apps.
MBS Xojo Updater Kit
Our crossplatform update engine for Mac OS X and Windows.
MBS Xojo Bug Reporter Kit
Our crossplatform Bug Reporter engine for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.
MBS Xojo QuickLook Plugin
For icons on the project files with version numbers.

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The MBS Plugin supports Mac OS X (Universal), Windows and Linux.

We have plugin users in 70 countries:

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