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MBS Xojo Network Kit 1.0

EKObjectMB class:

Class EKObjectMB Inherits EKBaseObjectMB
ComputedProperty hasChanges As Boolean
Sub Get()
Returns true if this object or any sub-object (alarm, etc.) has uncommitted changes.
ComputedProperty isNew As Boolean
Sub Get()
Returns YES if this object has never been saved.
Function Refresh() As Boolean
Determines if the object is still valid (i.e. it still exists in the database), and unloads all properties that have not been modified. If this ever returns false, it indicates the record was deleted and this instance should be discarded and no longer referenced.
Sub reset()
If this object is not new, this method will unload all loaded properties and clear any dirty state
Sub rollback()
If this object is not new, this method will unload dirty state only.
Note "About"
Note "Copyright"
© 2015 by Christian Schmitz, Monkeybread Software This is part of the MBS Xojo Event Kit for iOS http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/xojo/
End Class

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