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Function Reference
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Bounding boxes:
Media Box
Crop Box
Bleed Box
Trim Box
Art Box
The media box represents the coordinate system or physical extend of a page. The crop box crops
the media box and all other boxes. No box can be larger than the media box.
The media box represents the page format if no crop box is set, the crop box otherwise. All boxes are
measured in PDF units and one PDF unit is 1/72 inch.
SI32 pdfGetBidiMode(
const PPDF* IPDF) // Instance pointer
typedef enum
bmLeftToRight = 0, // Apply the bidi algorithm in Left to Right layout
bmRightToLeft = 1, // Apply the bidi algorithm in Right to Left layout
= 2
// Default -> do not apply the bidi algorithm
The function returns the current bidirectional mode. The possible return values are defined in the
enum TPDFBidiMode. See also SetBidiMode().

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