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Function Reference
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(PDF 1.4) If set, the field will not scroll (horizontally for single-line fields,
vertically for multiple-line fields) to accommodate more text than will fit
within its field rectangle. Once the field is full, no further text will be
accepted. Supported by text fields only.
(PDF 1.5) Meaningful only if MaxLen is set (see CreateTextField()) and if
the ffMultiline, ffPassword, and ffFileSelect flags are clear. If set, the field
is automatically divided up into as many equally spaced positions, or
combs, as the value of MaxLen, and the text is laid out into those combs.
Supported by text fields only.
(PDF 1.5) If set, the new value is committed as soon as a selection is made
with the pointing device. This allows applications to perform an action
once a selection is made, without requiring the user to exit the field. If
clear, the new value is not committed until the user exits the field.
Supported by combo boxes and list boxes only.
(PDF 1.5) If set, a group of radio buttons within a radio button field that
use the same export value for the on state will turn on and off in unison;
that is if one is checked, they are all checked. This flag requires Acrobat 6
or higher. Supported by check boxes only.
SI32 pdfGetFieldGroupType(
const PPDF* IPDF, // Instance pointer
UI32 AField)
// Field handle
typedef enum
= 0,
= 1,
= 2,
= 3,
= 4,
= 5,
ftSignature = 6,
= 7
The function returns the base type of a field group. A field group is a set of fields which have all the
same name. Such fields contain always the same value with exception of checkboxes. If a field group
consists of checkboxes the export value is also taken into account.

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