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Every font type can be disabled if necessary with the value fbtDisabled. The array Order can be set to
NULL to reset the search order to the default order as described above. If Order is set, the array must
contain four elements and each value in the array must be properly initialized.
Example (C/C++):
TFontBaseType so[4] = {fbtStdFont, fbtTrueType, fbtOpenType, fbtType1};
// Change the search order
pdfSetFontSearchOrder(pdf, so);
// Reset the font search order to the default order
pdfSetFontSearchOrder(pdf, NULL);
Compatibility Note:
The default font search order in DynaPDF 2.0 was:
Standard PDF Fonts
TrueType or Type1
DynaPDF 2.0 selected simply the first font that matched the font name while the 14 PDF Standard
fonts had the highest search priority. Applications which use the standard fonts can change the
search order so that the standard fonts become a higher search priority than system fonts.
void pdfSetFontSearchOrderEx(
const PPDF* IPDF, // Instance pointer
TFontBaseType S1, // First search format
TFontBaseType S2, // Second search format
TFontBaseType S3, // Third search format
TFontBaseType S4) // Fourth search format
typedef enum
fbtTrueType, // TrueType, TrueType Collections
// Type1 font
fbtOpenType, // OpenType font with Postscript outlines
// PDF Standard font
// Can be used to disable a font format
The function changes the font search order in the same way as SetFontSearchOrder() but it does not
use an array to set the search order to improve the compatibility to programming languages with
limited array support.

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