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Table Functions
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Note that extended color spaces and templates depend on the PDF instance in which these objects
were created. If the table contains such objects then it is normally not possible to change the PDF
This function is only included in the C interface.
LBOOL tblSetRowHeight(
const ITBL* Table, // Table pointer
UI32 Row,
// Row index
float Value)
// New height
The function changes the row height. The value must be greater or equal zero. Foreground objects
expand the height if necessary. The height must be greater zero if a cell uses a landscape orientation
and if the height cannot be computed from the cell content. This is the case if a cell contains text and
if the flag tfScaleToRect is not set.
Return values:
If the function succeeds the return value is 1. If the function fails the return value is 0.
void tblSetTableWidth(
const ITBL* Table,
// Table pointer
float Value,
// New width (must be greater zero)
TColumnAdjust AdjustType, // see below
float MinColWidth)
// Must be >= 0 (see description)
typedef enum
coaUniqueWidth, // Set the column widths to TableWidth / NumColumns
// Adjust the widths starting from the left side
// Adjust the widths starting from the right side
The function changes the width of the table. At least one column must be modified when the width
will be changed. The parameter AdjustType specifies how the column widths should be modified. If
the new width is larger, then the difference can be added to the left or right column, or all columns
can get a unique width (TableWidth / NumColumns). The parameter MinColWidth is ignored in this
If the new width is smaller, then the difference must be subtracted from the columns. The parameter
MinColWidth specifies in this case the minimum width of columns that must be adjusted. It is only
used if AdjustType is not set to coaUniqueWidth. The column widths are adjusted starting from the
left or right side as specified. If the width of the first column is not large enough to subtract the entire

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