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Microsoft Visual C++
To use DynaPDF with Microsoft's Visual C++, proceed as follows:
1. Open a new project, or your favourite project, in Visual Studio.
2. Include the header file /include/C_CPP/dynapdf.h into the units which will use
DynaPDF functions.
3. VC++ 6.0 only: Add the file /include/C_CPP/dynapdf.cpp to your project (see comment
4. Add the import library /mvs_lib/dynapdf.lib or /mvs_lib/dynapdfm.lib to your project.
5. Copy the dynapdf.dll or dynapdfm.dll into a Windows search path (e.g.
6. Finished!
The file dynapdf.cpp contains dummy declarations of all exported DynaPDF functions; because
the functions are not exported, they do not conflict with the original declarations. These
declarations enable the usage of Microsoft's Intellisense (code completion) in Visual C++ 6.0.
Due to implementation limits of Microsoft's Intellisense, code completion does maybe not work
without this file. However, it seems that this issue was partially solved with Update Pack 6 of
Microsoft's Visual Studio. If code completion does not work in your environment then include
this file.
See also bug report „190974 PRB: Function Prototypes Do Not Generate Parameter Info“,
DynaPDF was compiled and developed with Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 SP 6 and Visual Studio
2005. Two versions of the library are delivered:
// Compiled with Multithreaded
dynapdfm.dll // Compiled with Multithreaded DLL
Both versions are fully compatible to VC++ 7.0 or higher (Visual Studio .Net). To avoid conflicts
with different standard library versions choose the right DynaPDF DLL and import library
depending on your project settings. A pre-compiled single threaded version of DynaPDF is not
Please note that the dynapdfm.dll does not support PDF files larger than 2 GB. When the library
is compiled with Visual Studio 2005 or higher, then this limitation does no longer exist.
However, in this case, you must deliver the Visual Studio Runtime library MSVCR80.DLL or
higher with your application. This library causes often problems since it must be installed on
the system and cannot be placed in the application folder.

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