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Compiling DynaPDF on macOS
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Compiling DynaPDF on macOS
Compiling with XCode
DynaPDF Enterprise contains a pre-configured XCode workspace with targets for macOS and
iOS. tvOS would probably work too but this was never tested.
The default target is macOS. An important thing to note is that the FreeType workspace has no
separate target for iOS. Therefore, the target must be changed to iOS before the library can be
compiled for this target. Changing the target is very easy, just click on the blue FreeType
workspace, activate the tab "Build Settings", and select iOS as new base SDK:
That's it, click on compile & run and the library will be compiled. When the scheme
dynapdfApp is selected the emulator will start and a simple test app will be executed. This app
calls just the DynaPDF function SelfText() to check whether the library works well. The output
of SelfText() can be seen in XCode console.
Compiling on the Command Line
The build process via the command line is very similar in comparison to Linux and UNIX
operating systems. On macOS we compile the library usually with CLang or with GCC if you
work with an older Mac OS X version. All you need is a properly installed XCode including the

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