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Margin specifies the distance between the text and the outer contour of the page. Text is vertically
placed on the baseline. That implies that at margin [0, 0, 0, 0] header text is placed outside the visible
Center Right
Margin [0, 0, 0, 0]
CropBox or
Center Right
Note that Adobe Acrobat places text vertically to another position. It is not known how Acrobat
calculates the y-coordinate.
Headers and footers can be defined in arbitrary order. The function sorts the records before they are
processed. Double records are not allowed and records with no text will be ignored. Note that the
alignment taCenter represents the middle of a page and not the middle of Margin.
Font selection
The font, font size, and so on that should be used to output headers or footers can be set globally
with the parameter Init and individually for each record.
Before the first header or footer string is processed, the function loads the font that was specifed
with the parameter Init. If Init defines no font, then the first header / footer record must specify a
font. This font is then used until it is changed by another record.
If a TPDFHdrFtr record sets FontA or FontW, then it must also set FontSize, and Codepage. Embed
specifies whether the font should be embedded. The function returns with an error if font selection
If Init specifies a font, then this font is selected before a header or footer record is processed. If a
header or footer record specifies another font then this font is used for this record only. It is not used
for other records, as it is the case if Init contains no font definition.
Note that if compatiblity to Adobe Acrobat is required then Init must set a font.
The font name can be a Family, Postscript, or Full name. A family name can be combined with one
of the style strings "Bold", "Italic", or "BoldItalic". Only these style strings are supported. A style string
must be separated with a comma:

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