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Function Reference
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// Ok
"Arial, Bold"
// Wrong, no space must be present after the comma
"Courier New,BoldItalic" // Ok
Text color
The text color can be set globally with the parameter Init and individually for each record. If no
color is specified then the default initialization of the graphics state is used. This is black defined as
DeviceGray. Although the function supports arbitrary color spaces to output the text, the color is
stored as rgb black in the XML data if a non-device color space is used. It is also not known whether
the color spaces DeviceGray or DeviceCMYK are supported in Adobe Acrobat. To achieve best
compatiblility use DeviceRGB only.
Bates numbering
A bates number is an integer number with a fixed length that is incremented on each page. The
bates numbering syntax is as follows:
<<Bates#0..10#1..2147483648>> (case-sensitive)
The number sign (#) is part of the syntax and is required. No spaces before or after the number sign
or before and after the keyword "Bates" are allowed. A valid Bates format contains no spaces and no
prefix or suffix inside the format identifier <<>>. The first number specifies the number of digits, and
the second where numbering starts.
// Six digits, numbering starts at 1 -> 000001.
<<Bates#10#5>> // Ten digits, numbering starts at 5 -> 0000000005.
<< Bates#6#1>> // Wrong, no space is allowed.
// Wrong, the correct keyword name is 'Bates'.
Date formats
The date format supports three characters: m = month, d = day, and y = year. Each character can be
repeated to define the number of digits, e.g. mm, or yyyy are examples. Allowed delimiters are '.', '-',
and '/'. The day and month format support one and two digits, and the year format supports two
and four digits. A valid date format contains no spaces and no prefix or suffix inside the format
identifier <<>>.
// Ok
// Unusual but ok
Date: <<dd.mm.yyyy>> // Ok
// Wrong, missing '<' and a valid year format has 2 or 4 digits
<<Date: m/d>>
// Wrong, no prefix or suffix is allowed
// Wrong, invalid delimiter

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