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Function Reference
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// the print state.
#define coDeleteReplies
0x00080000 // Delete annotation replies. If absent, replies will be
// converted to regular text annotations.
#define coDeleteHalftones
0x00100000 // Delete halftone screens.
#define coFlattenLayers
0x00200000 // PDF/A 1b only. Flatten layers if any.
#define coDeletePresentation
0x00400000 // Presentations are prohibited in PDF/A 2 and 3.
#define coCheckImages
0x00800000 // Images will be decompressed to identify damages.
#define coDeleteDamagedImages
0x01000000 // Meaningful only if coCheckImages is set.
#define coRepairDamagedImages
0x02000000 // Meaningful only if coCheckImages is set. If set, try
// to recompress a damaged image. The new image is maybe
// incomplete but error free. This flag can be combined
// with coDeleteDamagedImages to delete the image if
// recompression fails.
#define coNoFontEmbedding
0x10000000 // Normalization only
#define coFlushPages
0x20000000 // Write converted pages directly into the output file
// to reduce the memory usage.
#define coAllowDeviceSpaces
0x40000000 // If set, device color spaces will not be replaced with
// ICC based color spaces. This flag is meaningful for
// normalization only.
#define coResetAnnotAppearance
0x80000000 // If set, appearance streams of annotations are rebuild
// before executing CheckConformance().
// Common default flags for normalization.
#define coDefault_Normalize (coAllowDeviceSpaces | coNoFontEmbedding)
// Common default flags for different PDF/A versions:
#define coDefault_PDFA_1
(coDefault | coFlattenLayers)
#define coDefault_PDFA_2
(coDefault | coDeletePresentation)
#define coDefault_PDFA_3
(coDefault_PDFA_2 & ~coDeleteEmbeddedFiles)
typedef SI32 PDF_CALL TOnFontNotFoundProc(
const void* Data,
// Pointer UserData of CheckConformance
const void* PDFFont,
// PDF font handle
const char* FontName, // PostScript name of the font
SI32 Style,
// Font style
SI32 StdFontIndex,
// Standard font index
LBOOL IsSymbolFont);
// Set to 1 if the font is a symbol font
typedef SI32 PDF_CALL TOnReplaceICCProfile(
const void* Data,
// Pointer UserData of CheckConformance
TICCProfileType Type, // Required ICC profile type to be embedded
SI32 ColorSpace);
// Color space handle
typedef enum
ictGray = 0,
= 1,
ictCMYK = 2,
= 3
The function converts a PDF file to a specific PDF standard according to the parameter Type.
The regular DynaPDF versions contain a restricted version of CheckConformance() which cannot be
used if one or more pages from external PDF files were imported.
The conversion of arbitrary imported PDF files requires a separate license of the PDF/A Extension.
The PDF/A Extension represents in fact the unrestricted version of this and related functions
(ReplaceFont() and so on) which are required to convert arbitrary PDF files to PDF/A.
If the parameter Type is set to ctNormalize the function checks the PDF file for errors, rebuilds all
embedded fonts, optionally embeds non-embedded fonts, and repairs potential file errors if
possible. The resulting PDF file is easy to read and should not produce any printing error.

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