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typedef enum
ctPDFA_1b_2005, // Compatibility to PDF/A 1b 2005
// Normalization is useful for print workflows
// Convert the file to PDF/A 2b if possible
// Convert the file to PDF/A 3b if possible
/* The following constants convert the file to PDF/A 3b and set the whished ZUGFeRD, ZUGFeRD 2.0
* or Factur-X conformance level in the XMP metadata. CheckConformance() does not validate the
* XML invoice but it checks whether it is present. The embedded XML invoice must be named as
* follows (case sensitive and without quotes):
* ZUGFeRD 1.0: "ZUGFeRD-invoice.xml"
* ZUGFeRD 2.0: "zugferd-invoice.xml"
* Factur-X:
* XRechnung:
* Setting the correct ZUGFeRD or Factur-X conformance level is important since this value
* defines which fields must be present in the XML invoice.
// ZUGFeRD 1.0
// Basic profile
// Comfort profile
// Extended profile
// ZUGFeRD 2.0:
// Minimum profile
// Basic profile
ctZUGFeRD2_Basic_WL, // Basic WL profile
// EN 16931 profile
ctZUGFeRD2_Extended, // Extended profile
// Factur-X / ZUGFeRD 2.1:
// Minimum profile
// Basic profile
// Basic WL profile
// EN 16931 profile
// Extended profile
ctFacturX_XRechnung, // German XRechnung profile
// Convert the file to PDF/A 2u if possible
// Convert the file to PDF/A 3u if possible
// Convert the file to PDF/A 4 if possible. Embedded files are supported but
// no file attach annotations.
// Convert the file to PDF/A 4e if possible. This version allows 3D contents
// in rich media annotations.
// Convert the file to PDF/A 4f if possible. This version allows file attach
// annotations.
typedef UI32 TCheckOptions;
#define coDefault
0x0010FFFF // Default flags
#define coEmbedSubsets
0x00000001 // Already done, does nothing (obsolete)
#define coDeleteTransferFuncs
0x00000002 // Imported files only
#define coDeleteMultiMediaContents 0x00000004 // Imported files only
#define coDeleteActionsAndScripts
0x00000008 // Imported files only
#define coDeleteInvRenderingIntent 0x00000010 // Imported files only
#define coFlattenFormFields
0x00000020 // Flatten form fields
#define coReplaceV4ICCProfiles
0x00000040 // Imported files only
#define coDeleteEmbeddedFiles
0x00000080 // Imported files only
#define coDeleteOPIComments
0x00000100 // Imported files only
#define coDeleteSignatures
0x00000200 // Imported files only
#define coDeletePostscript
0x00000400 // Delete Postscript XObjects
#define coDeleteAlternateImages
0x00000800 // Delete alternate images
#define coReComprJPEG2000Images
0x00001000 // JPEG 2000 images are prohibited in PDF/A 1. The
// conversion to PDF/A 1 will fail if the flag is
// absent and if a file contains JPEG 2000 images.
#define coResolveOverprint
0x00002000 // PDF/A 2 and 3. Set the overprint mode to 0 if
// overprint mode = 1 and if overprinting for fill or
// stroke is true and if a ICCBased CMYK color space is
// used. Note that DeviceCMYK is treated as ICCBased

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