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Function Reference
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typedef enum
lsArtwork, // Lights from file
The function creates a 3D view for a 3D annotation. A 3D annotation can contain multiple 3D views
while one 3D view should always be marked as default view. Note that a default view does not
appear in the list of views in the model tree of Adobe’s Acrobat.
A 3D view must always define a unique name that describes the view, e.g. Left, Right, Top, or any
other string. Note that the name is shown in the model tree, it should be human readable.
The parameter Matrix can be used to transform the 3D coordinate space, e.g. to rotate the 3D
artwork. The matrix is optional, if set, it must consist of an array of double that contains exactly 12
entries. A 3D matrix is usually created interactively in a 3D viewer application. Without a visual
feedback it is practically impossible to define the matrix.
The parameter CamDistance specifies a distance in the camera coordinate system along the z axis to
the center of orbit for this view. If zero, the viewer application must determine the center of orbit.
See PDF Reference 1.7 for further information.
If a correct 3D matrix cannot be calculated in your application then set the parameter Matrix to
NULL and NOT to the identity matrix. The viewer application tries then to fit the 3D artwork into
the annotation’s bounding box.
The last two parameters RM and LS define the 3D rendering mode and lighting scheme to be used
to render the 3D artwork.
This function is implemented in an Ansi and Unicode compatible version.
Return values:
If the function succeeds the return value is a pointer to the view. If the function fails the return value
is NULL.

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