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Function Reference
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LBOOL pdfCreateCollection(
const PPDF* IPDF, // Instance pointer
TColView View)
// Initial view
typedef enum
// Internal, not usable
// Not usable. The view is presented by a SWF file.
The function marks the current PDF file in memory as PDF collection, also known as PDF Package.
Beginning with PDF 1.7, PDF documents can specify how a viewer application’s user interface
presents collections of file attachments, where the attachments are related in structure or content.
Such a presentation is called a portable collection.
The intent of portable collections is to present, sort, and search collections of related documents,
such as email achieves, photo collections, and engineering bid sets. There is no requirement that files
in a collection have an implicit relationship or even a similarity; however, showing differentiating
characteristics of related documents can be helpful for document navigation.
A collection consists of a normal PDF document (container PDF) that can be created in the usual
way, and of a set of file attachments. The difference between a normal PDF file and a portable
collection is that the viewer application provides navigation facilities for the file attachments and it
is possible to open attached PDF files directly in the viewer application without loosing the
navigation plane of the container PDF.
When a PDF 1.7-compliant viewer application first opens a PDF document containing a collection, it
displays the contents of the initial document, along with a list of the embedded files.
The initial document is usually taken from the embedded files while the container PDF consists of
only one page that displays a message that this PDF file is a collection that requires a PDF 1.7
compliant viewer which is aware of PDF collections.
Older viewer applications display just the container PDF while a PDF 1.7 compliant viewer opens
the initial document taken from the embedded files in this case.
However, the initial document can be the container PDF or one of the embedded documents. The
default initial document is the container PDF. If an embedded file should be initially opened then
mark the embedded file as default file with SetColDefFile().
Adobe has changed the way how PDF Collections are displayed in Acrobat 9 or higher. So, the
information provided in the following section is no longer fully valid. The main difference is that

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