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Flags can be set via the member Flags of the TPDFHeaderFooter structure right after it was
initialized with InitHeaderFooter().
Header / footer settings are stored in PieceInfo dictionaries. If the import flag ifPieceInfo was
absent, e.g. if the flag IfImportAll was not set, then it is not possible to identify header / footer
settings, since the required data was not imported. See SetImportFlags() for further information.
Header / footer types
Two different types of headers / footers exist: headers / footers which contain arbitrary text, page
numbers, or dates, and headers / footers wich contain also bates numbers. The two types can be
loaded and deleted independently from each other.
Loading header / footer or bates number settings
By default, the function loads whatever it finds first. However, with the flags hffLoadBatesN and
hffLoadHF it is possible to force loading of either type.
Although this approach works perfectly for most applications, it is also possible to scan the file for
header / footer settings without loading the data.
How to check whether a file contains headers or footers?
A pure search run can be achieved with the flag hffSearchRun. If this flag is set, the function searches
for both header / footer types and returns as soon as both types were found. This makes it possible
to check very quickly whether a file contains headers / footers, bates numbers, or none of them.
If the flag hffSearchRun is set the function returns one of the following values:
< 0: An error occurred.
0: No header / footer settings were found.
32: The file contains bates numbers.
64: The file contains normal headers / footers.
96: The file contains bates numbers and heades / footers.
As you can see above, the values 32, 64, and 96 are just combinations of the flags hffLoadBatesN,
hffLoadHF, and (hffLoadBatesN | hffLoadHF).
Return values:
If the flag hffSearchRun was not set the function returns the number of records which were filled
with data. Note that the array can contain empty records.

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