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If set, the field is intended for entering a secure password that should not
be echoed visibly to the screen. Characters typed from the keyboard
should instead be echoed in some unreadable form, such as asterisks or
bullet characters. To protect password confidentiality, the value of the
text field is not stored in the PDF file if this flag is set. Supported by text
fields only.
If set, exactly one radio button must be selected at all times; clicking the
currently selected button has no effect. If clear, clicking the selected
button deselects it, leaving no button selected. Supported by radio button
fields only.
If set, the combo box includes an editable text box as well as a drop list; if
clear, it includes only a drop list. Supported by combo boxes only.
If set, the field values are sorted in ascending order. Supported by combo
boxes and list boxes only.
(PDF 1.4) If set, the text entered in the field represents the pathname of a
file whose contents are to be submitted as the value of the field.
Supported by text fields only.
(PDF 1.4) If set, more than one of the field ’s option items may be selected
simultaneously; if clear, no more than one item at a time may be selected.
This flag is supported by list boxes only.
(PDF 1.4) If set, the text entered to the field will not be spell-checked.
Supported by text fields, combo boxes. If the field type is combo box, this
flag is meaningful only if the flag ffEdit is also set.
(PDF 1.4) If set, the field will not scroll (horizontally for single-line fields,
vertically for multiple-line fields) to accommodate more text than will fit
within its annotation rectangle. Once the field is full, no further text will
be accepted. Supported by text fields only.
(PDF 1.5) Meaningful only if MaxLen is set (see CreateTextField()) and if
the ffMultiline, ffPassword, and ffFileSelect flags are clear. If set, the field
is automatically divided up into as many equally spaced positions, or
combs, as the value of MaxLen, and the text is laid out into those combs.
Supported by text fields only.

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