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information about the logical structure of a document. This information
can be used by screen readers and other accessibility plug-ins to enable
certain features. The information of a structure tree is not required to
view or print a PDF document.
If set, transition settings are import. A transition dictionary contains
information about how a presentation should be displayed. These
settings can be removed if the document should not be used in
presentation mode.
If set, the file path to an external search index will be imported if any.
If set, global JavaScripts are imported if any. Note that JavaScript
actions can use the functions defined in global JavaScripts. If these
scripts are removed, JavaScript actions must normally also removed to
avoid errors. However, it is often useful to remove the scripts for certain
debug operations.
If set, JavaScript actions are imported if any. This flag is useful if an
imported form contains JavaScripts which produces errors or warnings.
For instance, a document can define certain scripts which may require
specific settings such as a document info string and so on. It is then
often difficult to determine which object produces the error or warning
because it can be a JavaScript action or a global JavaScript. In such
cases, JavaScript actions can be excluded temporarily to check whether
the error still occurs.
If set, document info entries are imported if any. Already existing
entries are not overridden.
If set, embedded files are imported.
If set, the global definition of a collection is imported. The file
attachments are still imported if the flag ifEmbeddedFiles is set. The
PDF file is simply not longer marked as portable collection, also known
as PDF Package. See also CreateCollection().
If set, all types of annotations are imported.
This flag is meaningful only if the flag ifAllAnnots is clear. If set,
FreeText annotations are imported if any.

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