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Function Reference
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LBOOL pdfSetImportFlags(
const PPDF* IPDF,
// Instance pointer
TImportFlags Flags) // see below
typedef UI32 TImportFlags;
#define ifImportAll
0x0FFFFFFE // Default
#define ifContentOnly
0x00000000 // No interactive objects
#define ifNoContent
0x00000001 // Interactive objects only
#define ifImportAsPage
0x80000000 // No conversion to templates
#define ifCatalogAction
0x00000002 // Open action, Catalog actions
#define ifPageActions
0x00000004 // Page actions
#define ifBookmarks
0x00000008 // Bookmarks
#define ifArticles
0x00000010 // Articles
#define ifPageLabels
0x00000020 // Page labels
#define ifThumbs
0x00000040 // Thumbnails
#define ifTranspGroups
0x00000080 // Transparency groups
#define ifSeparationInfo
0x00000100 // Separation info
#define ifBoxColorInfo
0x00000200 // Box color info
#define ifStructureTree
0x00000400 // Structure tree (can be large)
#define ifTransition
0x00000800 // Presentation settings
#define ifSearchIndex
0x00001000 // External search index
#define ifJavaScript
0x00002000 // Global JavaScripts
#define ifJSActions
0x00004000 // JavaScript actions
#define ifDocInfo
0x00008000 // Document info entries
#define ifEmbeddedFiles
0x00200000 // File attachments
#define ifFileCollections
0x00400000 // File collections (PDF 1.7)
#define ifAllAnnots
0x009F0000 // All annotations
#define ifFreeText
0x00010000 // FreeText annotations
#define ifTextAnnot
0x00020000 // Text annotations
#define ifLink
0x00040000 // Link annotations
#define ifStamp
0x00080000 // Stamp annotations
#define if3DAnnot
0x00100000 // 3D annotations
#define ifOtherAnnots
0x00800000 // Other annotations
#define ifFormFields
0x01000000 // Interactive form fields
#define ifPieceInfo
0x02000000 // Private data. See description.
/* -------------------- Special flags -------------------- */
#define ifPrepareForPDFA
0x10000000 // See description
#define ifEnumFonts
0x20000000 // Import fonts for EnumDocFonts()
#define ifAllPageObjects
0x40000000 // Import links with ImportPageEx()
The function sets optional flags to control the import of external PDF files. The flags are ignored by
the function ImportPage(). ImportPageEx() ignores the flags too if the page is imported outside of an
open page (see ImportPageEx() for further information). The flags are defined as a bit-mask;
multiple flags can be combined by using a bitwise or operator.
A second set of flags can be set with SetImportFlags2().
This function cannot fail; the return value is always 1.
If set, all objects of an external PDF file are imported.
If set, interactive objects are excluded from import.

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