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If set, the visual contents of external pages will not be imported. This
flag can be used to copy interactive objects from one file to another.
If set, pages are not converted to templates. This flag is useful if an
imported page must not be used multiple times. Conversion to
templates is recommended if multiple imported pages should appear
on the same page since overlapping pages can cause resource conflicts.
If set, catalog actions will be imported if any. The documents catalog is
the root object of a PDF file, which can trigger actions when the file will
be opened, closed, or printed. See AddActionToObj() for further
If set, page actions are imported if any. A page action is an action that
was added to the page itself, not an object of a page.
If set, bookmarks are imported if any.
If set, Articles are imported if any.
If set, page labels are imported if any. If multiple files are imported,
DynaPDF imports the page labels of the first file only.
If set, thumb nail images are imported if any. Thumb nails can be
dynamically created by Acrobat since Acrobat 5. The thumb nail images
can be removed to reduce disk space.
If set, transparency groups are imported if any. If transparency groups
are removed the objects appear then opaque.
If set, the separation information dictionary will be imported if any.
If set, the bounding boxes artbox, bleedbox and trimbox are shown in
user defined color. Note that the cropbox represents the current page;
the page is already cropped if a cropbox was defined.
If set, structure trees are imported if any. A structure tree contains
information about the logical structure of a document. This information
can be used by screen readers and other accessibility plug-ins to enable
certain features. The information of a structure tree is not required to
view or print a PDF document.
If set, transition settings are import. A transition dictionary contains

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