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to preserve backward compatibility the default calculation cannot be
If set, the bounding boxes of text strings are shown by inserting a
stroked rectangle. Use this flag if text strings appear misplaced.
If set, images which use a ROP code other than SRCCOPY are ignored.
This can be useful when processing Excel 2007 spool files.
If set, the bounding box of the EMF picture is used to calculate the
position and picture size. This can be useful if the rclFrame rectangle
contains invalid values which avoid proper positioning and scaling of
the graphic.
If set, the rectangle rclFrame of the EMF header is used to calculate the
picture size. This flag is primarily used to convert EMF files which
were originally created from non-portable WMF files. Set this flag if
the EMF picture appears wrongly scaled.
If set, strings are scaled instead of applying kerning space to get the
correct string width. Text scaling produces often better results due to
limited precision of the integer values of the intercharacter spacing
array. However, text scaling cannot always be used because characters
can be placed individually on the x-axis by applying kerning space. In
the latter case, strings can overlap or single characters appear on a
wrong x-coordinate; do not set this flag in this case.
If set, the character set within CreateFont() records will be ignored and
all strings are printed in Unicode mode (EMF files contain Unicode
strings only). This flag can be used to avoid the conversion of strings to
the Ansi character set if Ansi_CHARSET was used in the CreateFont()
record. The character set is often wrongly defined in EMF files so that
characters outside of the Ansi_CHARSET are replaced by question
marks due to the default conversion to Ansi if the character set
Ansi_CHARSET is used.

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