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Currency String
The optional currency string is interpreted in the Windows code page 1252 but it is possible to add
arbitrary Unicode code points to the string in form of escape codes. Escape codes have the syntax
backslash + "u" + four hexadecimal digits:
"\u20ac" = €
= € // Ok, this symbol is available in the code page
"\u0029" = $
Note that the backslash is an escape character in C/C++. The backslash itself must be preceded with
another backslash if the string is defined as string literal. Note also that the lower case 'u' is part of
the syntax and must not be omitted.
If the currency smybol should be separated with a space then add a space character before or after
the symbol depending on Prepend.
The maximum length of the raw currency string including escape characters is 16 bytes. Longer
strings are truncated.
Field value
The value of a text field with a number format must be a pure number with no formatting
characters, e.g. "3445" or "2346.78". The decimal separator (if any) must be a period (.), independent
of the current locale. Note that the Javascript code will fail if the field value contains non-numerical
Return values:
If the function succeeds the return value is 1. If the function fails the return value is 0.

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