Function ReadBlobPartMBS

ReadBlobPartMBS(data as blob, path as string, offset as integer, size as integer) as blob

Version: 1.0

Returns the blob if it is not null.
Or reads the file from the given path and returns the content as blob.
Path must be native path and should only contain ASCII characters.

This variant of the ReadBlobMBS function reads only a part of the blob file. If the file size is not big enough, a smaller chunk is returned.

Be careful with this function. If used wrong, the user can read every file on the computer. Especially if the server runs with admin privileges.

Example queries:

select ReadBlobPartMBS(null,name,0,10000) as rdata from test
select ReadBlobPartMBS(null,name,20000,10000) from test where LeftMBS(name,1)="/"


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