We have some shareware applications you may like to use:

Combine PDFs Version 5.4 from 19th Aug 2019
Combines PDF and picture files. Mac OS X 10.10
Transparent Version 2.4 from 8th March 2016
A screen saver to dim your scren Mac OS X 10.5


We have some freeware applications coming with source code for you. Use them, modify them or release new software of them.
If you find them usefull, feel free to donate something as a thank-you or for the costs of the webtraffic.

Boolean Calculator Version 2.0 from 18th December 2004
Calculates boolean terms into a truth table. Mac OS, Linux and Windows
Extract Movie Soundtrack Version 2.0 from 6th February 2010
A simple tool to extract the sound track from a movie divided by chapters. Mac OS X 10.4
Fullscreen Movie Player Version 2.2 from 8th September 2004
A free Full Screen Movie Player for QuickTime. Mac OS and Windows
Global Hotkey Version 1.4 from 4th April 2007
Press a key combination to launch applications, run scripts or copy something into the clipboard. Mac OS X
IP in menu bar Version 4.6 from 13rd April 2018
Shows the current IP of your Mac in the menubar near the clock. Mac OS X 10.9
Sound Recorder Version 2.1 from 13th Nov 2007
Records sound to a Quicktime movie file. Mac OS X and Windows
Tree Size Version 3.1 from 22nd April 2012
Just to see how big folders and subfolders are. Mac OS X and Windows

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