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Software for iPhone, macOS, Linux and Windows with Xojo, C/C++/Objective-C, AppleScript, Java, Perl, PHP and HTML.

Monkeybread Software offers plug-ins for FileMaker and Xojo.

Our newest software:

MBS FileMaker Plugin Version 11.1
from 9th March 2021
Download Mac ( 194M ) Download Win ( 193M )
MBS Xojo Plugins Version 21.1
from 9th March 2021
Download Mac ( 690M ) Download Win/Linux ( 708M )

The biggest plugin in space...

The biggest Xojo plug-in...

... with around 72,000 functions to extend Xojo.

Our FileMaker plug-in

Over 6,500 functions for FileMaker 7 to 19.2

The MBS Xojo DynaPDF Plugin

The ultimate PDF solution for Xojo

Professional PDF support in your cross platform applications!
Supporting Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

  • Display PDFs by rendering pictures.
  • Create PDFs with interactive forms, add vector graphics, web and file links, annotations, bookmarks and file attachments.
  • Use digital certificates to sign your PDF files with digital signatures and encrypt them with 64 or 128 Bit keys.
  • Import PDF pages and extract content, edit text, forms and graphics.
  • Split and merge PDF files.
  • Supports color spaces: RGB, CMYK and Grayscale, multipage TIFF files, custom page templates and much more.

Royalty free licenses available for 149 Euro (Starter), 449 Euro (Lite) and 799 Euro (Pro) per developer. This license can be used also in C/C++ cross platform applications and on Windows with C#, VisualBasic, VB .NET. More Information.

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