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Function Reference
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SI32 pdfCheckFieldNames(
const PPDF* IPDF) // Instance pointer
This function checks all currently defined interactive form fields for invalid duplicate field names.
Use this function if multiple interactive forms were imported. DynaPDF does not check or change
duplicate field names during import. Therefore, check the field names and change invalid names if
necessary before closing the document. If an interactive form contains duplicate field names of fields
with different types, the document will be damaged.
If a form contains invalid duplicate field names, the names must be changed with SetFieldName().
However, if such a field is used in a JavaScript action or by a global JavaScript, the JavaScript(s)
must also be changed to avoid error messages in Adobe's Acrobat.
Global JavaScripts can be accessed with the function GetJavaScript() and changed with the function
ChangeJavaScript(). A JavaScript action can be accessed with the function GetJavaScriptAction() and
changed with the function ChangeJavaScriptAction().
Return values:
The function returns the handle of the first invalid field name that was found, that is a value greater
or equal zero. If no invalid field name was found the return value is -1.

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