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Language Bindings
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The following important defines are available depending on the operating system and
characteristics of the target CPU:
Test code
#ifdef _WINDOWS
Set on Windows.
#ifdef MAC_OS_X
Set on Mac OS X.
#if (DRV_BIG_ENDIAN == 1)
Endian configuration.
#if (VS_2005_OR_HIGHER == 1)
Functions which are considered as
unsafe in Visual Studio 2005 or
higher must be replaced with their
safe versions. Use this macro to
test the compiler version.
To get the full list of available defines take a look into the header file /main/drv_type.h. On non
Windows operating systems the configure script creates also the header file /main/drv_conf.h
which contains many OS specific defines. Note that this header file can only be included on non
Windows operating systems.
Note also that the class structure in DynaPDF is not fixed. Changes can be made without further
notice at any time. So, you cannot assume that a class or member of a class that exists today
exists in a newer version too. Although most classes and templates do seldom change, changes
can always occur!
To avoid dependencies to a specific source code version it is usually best to ask us for the best
strategy if you want to add certain features to the library.

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