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If set, embedded ICC profiles in image files are ignored when
inserting an image. The image is inserted in the base color space
instead. This flag is not meaningful if the flag
gfUseImageColorSpace is absent. See also "Color spaces and
If set, all Ansi functions (functions which end with an uppercase 'A'
or functions which contain only single byte string parameters (data
type char*)) interpret string parameters as UTF-8 encoded Unicode
strings. If a function does not support Unicode then the string will
be converted to the encoding that the function supports, typically to
the code page 1252.
This flag does NOT affect single byte strings in wide string
functions which contain also single byte string prameters (functions
which end with an uppercase 'W'), e.g. DecryptPDFW() or
The flag is also considered in functions which use structures to pass
string parameters to DynaPDF. For example, the function
InitColorManagement() uses the structure TPDFColorProfiles. This
structure supports Ansi and UTF-16 Unicode strings. If the flag
gfAnsiStringIsUTF8 is set, Ansi strings are interpreted as UTF-8
encoded Unicode strings.
Special attention must be taken into account when encrypting or
decrypting PDF files since most encryption handlers do not support
Unicode passwords. See CloseFileEx() for further information.
If set, JPEG images are inserted as is. JPEG images are normally
rebuild, also in pass-through mode, to avoid issues with certain
malformed JPEG images which cannot be displayed in Adobes
Acrobat or Reader. If you know that your JPEG images work then
set this flag to avoid unnecessary processing time.
If set, the alpha channel in bitmaps files will be ignored. This is
sometimes useful since many 32 bit bitmaps contain an invalid
alpha channel that makes the image fully transparent.
If set, no duplicate check for images will be performed. This can
significantly improve processing speed especially for memory

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