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Function Reference
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void pdfDeleteJavaScripts(
const PPDF* IPDF,
// Instance pointer
LBOOL DelJavaScriptActions) // Delete Javascript Actions?
The function deletes all global Javascripts and optionally all Javascript Actions from the document.
LBOOL pdfDeleteOCGFromAppEvent(
const PPDF* IPDF,
// Instance pointer
UI32 Handle,
// OCG Handle
TOCAppEvent Events,
// Bitmask, one or more events
TOCGUsageCategory Categories, // Bitmask, if DelCategoryOnly is true
LBOOL DelCategoryOnly);
// If true, delete only the category from
// the events
The function deletes an OCG or layer from one or more application events, or it deletes only one or
more categories from an application event in which the OCG was found (if DelCategoryOnly is true).
If DelCategoryOnly is true, and if no more categories are left in the application event, then the event
will be deleted. See also AddOCGToAppEvent() and SetOCGContUsage() for further information.
Return values:
If the function succeeds the return value is 1. If the function fails the return value is 0.
PDF_EXP LBOOL pdfDeleteNamedDest(
const PPDF* IPDF, // Instance pointer
const UI16* Name) // Name of the named destination or NULL
The function deletes a named destination. The way how named destinations are defined in PDF was
changed in PDF 1.2. In earlier versions named destinations were accessible through byte strings
only. Since PDF 1.2 named destinations can also be defined as name tree which use either Ansi or
Unicode strings.
To avoid issues with different string formats it is strongly recommended to use the Unicode version
of this function. The Unicode version is able to find named destinations independent of the string
format that was used in the PDF file.
If Name is set to NULL or to an empty string all named destinations will be deleted.

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