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Function Reference
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(PDF 1.5) If set, the new value is committed as soon as a selection is made
with the pointing device. This allows applications to perform an action
once a selection is made, without requiring the user to exit the field. If
clear, the new value is not committed until the user exits the field.
Supported by combo boxes and list boxes only.
(PDF 1.5) If set, a group of radio buttons within a radio button field that
use the same export value for the on state will turn on and off in unison;
that is, if one is checked, they are all checked. This flag requires Acrobat 6
or higher and is supported by check boxes only.
SI32 pdfSetFieldFont(
const PPDF* IPDF, // Instance pointer
UI32 Field,
// Field handle
const char* Name, // Font name (depends on the font selection mode)
TFStyle Style,
// Font style
double Size,
// Font size or zero for auto size
LBOOL Embed,
// If true, the font will be embedded
TCodepage CP)
// Code page cp1252 or cpUnicode are recommended
The function sets or changes the font of a form field. Form fields support natively the code pages
1252 and MacRoman only.
If a form field should be used with another code page then DynaPDF must create an Unicode based
font for the field.
Subject to change:
This is only possible if the following external cmaps are available:
Minimal requirement:
// Encoding
Adobe-Japan1-UCS2 // Decoding
If OpenType fonts should be supported then these additional cmaps must be available:
You find the above cmaps in the sub directory /Resource/CMap of the DynaPDF installation
folder. The cmaps can be loaded delayed with SetCMapDir().

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